SaaS Platform for Data-driven product management.

A collaborative workspace where all the stakeholders come together to conceive the products

The industries path to data driven product management

Provides a collaborative workspace
Guides through the
Connects content
with data

How it works

Prodlanes data driven approach makes it possible to get from product overview to the actual data in just three clicks – and vice versa. This makes it easy to trace decisions back to their origin.

Data Base

Prodlanes data base uses multiple APIs to become the central platform for all product-related knowledge. Our underlying intelligence analyzes the content and provides a powerful search engine, making it easier than ever to find the information you are looking for.

Product Central

The collaborative workspace enables the integration of any kind of process. While working on a product, underlying files and information can be directly linked, enabling seamless and intuitive documentation while preventing unstructured file storage systems.


Prodlane gives an overview of all currently running projects. The dashboard provides a basis for comparison, supervision and prioritization of currently running projects.


by integrating and connecting all data in one central system


by ensuring that all knowledge is available and easy to navigate through


by making every decision retraceable to their underlying data

SaaS Platform for Data-driven product management.

Who we are

Moritz v. Hammerstein
Carolin Maier
Mathias Jakob